Odoo App Scheduling control App

Plan activities, bill by the hour, monitor the time worked by each employee and on each project, with the Odoo Time & Attendance app.


Save time, invest it properly.

With the Odoo Time Tracking App you will be able to control your time investment in projects or tasks, getting to distribute it in the most profitable way for your company.

Review and track time spent and worked by each employee, time spent on each project, bill by the hour and monitor your team's progress.

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Odoo Time & Attendance App, manage your time investment.




Count the hours spent on each job, and invoice your clients for hours or days of work.


Track hours and tasks completed by you or your team. Visualise progress on each task or project.



Review the resources, time and personnel allocated to each project. Identify your profitable projects.


Access from any device, wherever you are, even without an internet connection.

More than 7 million users have grown their businesses with Odoo software.

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