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Organize and resolve your customers' support requests, in the fastest and most efficient way, with Odoo Support.

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Fast, efficient and personalized assistance.

Improve customer service and resolve Odoo tickets. Design automatic answers for the different stages of a request.  Odoo Help Desk saves time and increases your productivity.  Monitor and review support ticket statuses.

Prioritize requests according to whether they require technical team assistance, automated responses or sending presentations or faqs.

Let your support team spend their time, only on the issues that need it, with Odoo Incident Management.

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Full attention to your customers, saving time.

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Contact your customers through different channels. Through email, where the received emails generate assistance requests automatically, through the customizable web form or through the online chat, interacting at the same time with your web visitors.

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Templates and automated responses for recurring questions or problems. Pre-designed emails for the different stages of the resolution of support requests.  Automatic template answers to respond instantly to live chat.

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Link your customers' recurring questions and presentations to the corresponding support requests. Encourage customer-to-customer solutions by developing a community around your product with the forum

How does Odoo Support personalise customer service?

Our customer care at Odoo Support is personalised through detailed analysis of each customer's needs and history. We use this information to tailor our interactions, ensuring that the solutions and answers provided are specifically relevant and useful for each particular situation, thus improving the overall customer experience.

Odoo Help Desk includes features such as automation of repetitive tasks, intelligent workflow management and automatic prioritisation of urgent tickets. These tools allow our support team to focus on solving complex issues more efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing response times.

In Odoo Support, requests are automatically prioritised based on several criteria, such as urgency, impact on the customer's business and complexity of the problem. This ensures that critical issues receive immediate attention and that resources are allocated effectively to optimise the resolution of each incident.

Yes, our Odoo support at Indaws includes training programmes for new users and teams. These programmes are designed to accelerate the process of adapting to the Odoo system, ensuring that all users understand how to effectively use the tools and resources available. We offer customised training sessions and workshops covering everything from the basics to advanced features, tailored to the specific needs of each team.

Odoo Support offers several multi-channel options for communicating with customers, including email support, live chat and a customisable web form. These channels are integrated into a single platform to ensure seamless and consistent communication, allowing customers to choose their preferred method of contact and receive real-time support.

Odoo technical support at Indaws includes proactive management of system updates and maintenance to ensure your Odoo installation is always up to date and running smoothly. We schedule updates during the least intrusive times for your business and provide ongoing maintenance to prevent and resolve any technical issues, maximising system stability and security.

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