Mobile applications (Apps) and IoT for all sectors.

Construction, professional services, distribution... Any sector can need its own APP!

At INDAWS, we specialize in offering customized mobile and IoT solutions for companies in the construction, professional services and distribution sectors. Our agile and customized approach guarantees rapid implementation and full support during development and deployment, ensuring a long-term business relationship and close customer service.

Connect through Apps all your employees, suppliers and collaborators in an integrated way with your ERP without multiplying the cost of licenses.

Tailor-made mobile apps for iOS and Android adapted to your brand

Our team of expert developers creates custom mobile apps for iOS and Android, designed for your business needs. These apps allow your employees to access essential information and tools anytime, anywhere, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

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The user experience of your App, from the ground up

By working with us on this project, you will have the advantage of having the experience and expertise of Elasticheads, a leading studio in UX and UI design and digital experience consulting. They will be part of the project in the design phase of your APP thanks to our partnership agreement.

Why is Flutter the best choice for mobile application development?

Flutter is the ideal technology for custom mobile application development. Its ease of use and its ability to create attractive user interfaces make it a popular choice among developers.

If you are looking to develop a mobile application that can grow and expand in the future, it is important to choose a scalable technology. Flutter is one of the most popular choices in this regard, allowing apps to adapt to changing business needs.

It allows you to create functionalities for apps focusing on user experience and achieve an optimal user experience through flexible designs and a neat interface. The development of mobile applications with Flutter allows complete customization thanks to the layered architecture.

All the Apps developed in Flutter act as native in IOS and Android.

Flutter & Indaws, the new way to program Apps  

What's yours is yours

Gain autonomy. Decide in first person how the project evolves. Eliminate dependencies with programmers

Lower cost and more efficient

Faster, more efficient and more economical. Technology and our methodology will allow you to focus on your customer or user experience from the very first moment.

One for all...

Flutter allows us to create applications for any device with a screen (IOS, Android, Windows, Mac... ).

Faster and Native

Flutter allows us to reduce application deployment time. It allows us to create attractive native applications from a single code base, saving money and risks. for both IOS and Android.

Our expertise in digital transformation and the potential of Flutter

Do you have a company? Are you a UX/UI agency and would like to offer development? Are you looking for a Full Stack programmer?

We can help you, don't wait any longer!

Task Management Application

The INDAWS task management application is easy to use and allows employees to assign, prioritize and update tasks in real time. It also fosters collaboration and communication among team members, improving business efficiency and productivity.

Geolocation Assistance Application

The INDAWS geo-location attendance application uses GPS technology to clock in and out employees in real time and provide detailed information about their location and work schedules. It provides a dashboard for managers and supervisors to improve employee efficiency and safety and optimize company resources.

It doesn't matter which ERP you use,

we connect it with your customized mobile application​

IoT integration for

intelligent management

We implement Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in our mobile applications, connecting electronic devices and sensors to our management software. This allows your company to make informed decisions based on real-time data, optimizing processes and improving efficiency in construction, professional services and distribution.

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IOT internet of things

Customized backend for integrated business management.

At INDAWS, we understand that seamless integration between mobile applications and desktop solutions is critical for efficient business management. That's why we offer custom backend development to manage and monitor all processes and data generated by our mobile applications from an easy-to-use desktop interface.

Centralized access

Control and security

Integration with existing systems


  • Specialized Flutter expertise: By hiring a company specialized in Flutter environment, you get a team of highly experienced developers trained in the use of this particular technology. This guarantees a high level of knowledge and skill in Flutter and an ability to develop high quality applications in a shorter period of time.
  • Increased production capacity : By having a team of developers, a development services company specializing in Flutter has a greater ability to work on different parts of the project simultaneously, allowing for greater production capacity and the possibility of delivering the project in a shorter time frame.
  • Commitment and responsibility : Development services companies tend to have greater accountability and commitment to their clients. They are committed to meeting agreed-upon deadlines and quality standards, which ensures that the project will be delivered according to the client's expectations.
  • Support and maintenance : Development services companies specializing in Flutter offer ongoing support and maintenance after project completion, allowing for faster troubleshooting and bug fixes.
  • Project managementDevelopment services companies specialized in Flutter have experience in project management and in the use of monitoring and communication tools, which can facilitate the development process and improve collaboration with the client. In addition, being Flutter specialists, they have greater knowledge and experience in the development of applications in this environment, which can improve the quality of the final product.

Flutter provides high development speed due to its tools (Hot Reload included), simplicity and compatibility. It allows you to create attractive native applications from a single code base, saving money and risks.

It is free and open source, and is supported by Google, which uses it regularly in its own applications such as the Google Ads Mobile app.  It gives a great deal of control to the developer through its customizable and extensible widgets.

​Its language, Dart, was specifically designed to be familiar and easy to learn.

The combination of AOT and JIT compilations provides the best of both worlds for agile applications in both development and production.

  • Centralized access : With our customized backend, you can access and manage all information related to tasks, attendance and other data generated by our mobile applications from a single platform, facilitating monitoring and decision making.
  • Control and security : A well-designed backend ensures that your company's information and data is protected and accessible only to authorized users. Our customized backend solutions offer top-notch access controls and security measures to keep your data safe.
  • Integration with existing systems : Our team of developers ensures that the customized backend integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and applications, enabling efficient business process management and resource optimization.
  • Scalability : As your business grows and changes, so do your needs. Our custom backend solutions are designed with scalability in mind, allowing for expansion and adaptation as your business evolves.
  • Analysis and planning : We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and objectives to design a backend that perfectly fits your business.
  • Development and customization : Our team of expert developers creates customized backend solutions using the latest technologies and development methodologies, ensuring optimal performance and superior user experience.
  • Integration and testing : We take care of integrating the customized backend with your existing systems and applications, and perform extensive testing to ensure the quality and stability of our solutions.
  • Maintenance and support : We offer ongoing support and updates to keep your backend up to date and ensure it runs smoothly at all times.

To successfully scale a company and connect all ERP users, it is essential to select a solution that is scalable, adaptable and able to evolve with the organization. Opting for an open source ERP, such as Odoo, facilitates the reduction of licensing costs, as it is free of charge, thus generating significant savings compared to other solutions.

A scalable and open source ERP allows to incorporate new users and expand functionalities in a simple and economical way. In addition, it offers the possibility of customizing the system according to the specific needs of the company and hiring professionals for consulting, development and technical support.

Therefore, to ensure a sustainable and efficient growth of the organization, it is crucial to choose an ERP that through its open source nature offers all the features mentioned above.

We can connect with any ERP but if this is your case you will benefit from a faster process and less time to market. The integration with INDAWS solutions with Odoo offers a complete and scalable enterprise platform that adapts to your business needs.

  • Unified data flow : By integrating our mobile and backend applications with Odoo, we guarantee a constant and updated real-time data flow between all solutions. This avoids duplication of information and ensures that all departments of your company have access to the same up-to-date information.
  • Process Automation : Integration with Odoo allows automating a wide range of business processes, such as order management, invoicing, inventory and human resources, resulting in greater efficiency and time savings.
  • Customization and adaptability : Odoo is known for its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each business. By integrating our solutions with Odoo, we offer the flexibility to customize and adapt the functionalities according to your requirements, allowing a more efficient and goal-oriented management.
  • Cost reduction : Integration with Odoo eliminates the need to invest in multiple business software solutions and reduces the costs associated with staff training and maintenance of multiple systems. By centralizing your operations on a single platform, you can reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your business.
  • Scalability and growth : Odoo has a wide range of modules and applications that can be easily added and configured as your business grows. Integration with our mobile and backend applications ensures that you can easily expand and adapt your operations, without compromising efficiency or quality of service.

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