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Optimise your warehouse. The best free WMS software customisable to your needs. Control all stock movements, keep your inventory up to date and save time with the Odoo inventory module.

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Complete inventory management, quick and easy..

With the odoo Inventory module, have complete visibility of your inventory status and movements, saving processes and time.

Control inputs, outputs and movements between warehouses from a single dashboard. Have full traceability of your inventory and automate stock replenishment with Odoo warehouses.

Connect the APP crm sales and the point of sale software, and have a complete overview of the traceability and stock of your products. The best open source Warehouse Management Software (WMS) available.

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Know the complete status of your inventory, at a glance.

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From sales generate purchase orders with one click, and move stock from supplier, warehouse or customer automatically.

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Keep complete track of your inventory movements. View batches, serial numbers in Odoo and control any point in the supply chain..

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Through customised dashboards, create clear and complete reports, to know the status of your inventory in real time or in the future.

How does Odoo's inventory module simplify the management of multiple warehouses and locations??

Odoo's inventory module enables efficient management of multiple warehouses and locations by:

  1. A ​centralized interface.
  2. Real-time visibility of stock levels in different locations.
  3. Facilitates the transfer of inventory between warehouses 
  4. Allows you to configure specific replenishment rules for each location.

All this simplifies management and optimizes inventory levels. 

By using tools such as lot and serial number tracking, as well as real-time inventory management, Odoo's inventory module significantly improves stock accuracy. The ability to make inventory adjustments and have detailed reports helps maintain accuracy and minimize discrepancies.

Yes, the inventory module is fully integrated with Odoo's purchasing and sales modules, allowing you to automate the replenishment process. Based on minimum stock rules, projected demand, or sales orders, the system can automatically generate purchase proposals to ensure you never run out of stock.

For companies with their own production, Odoo offers functionalities such as:

  1. Material Requirements Planning (MRP).
  2. Batch/serial number tracking.
  3. Work order management.

This enables seamless integration between production and inventory, optimizing resource management and production efficiency. 

Odoo's inventory module facilitates the management of customer and supplier returns through configurable processes that can include the verification of returned products, inventory replenishment, and the management of refunds or replacements, ensuring that these processes are properly reflected in inventory and accounting.

Odoo includes demand analysis and forecasting tools that allow companies to anticipate future inventory needs based on historical trends, sales data and seasonal patterns. This helps to more efficiently plan replenishment and maintain an optimal balance between demand and supply.

 Yes, the module allows detailed tracking of all inventory transactions and facilitates periodic audits. With functionality for inventory controls and adjustments, users can ensure stock accuracy and comply with auditing regulations.

 Odoo optimizes shipping and receiving management by automating processes, from the creation of shipping orders to label generation and shipment tracking. The system can set up carrier-specific rules, ensuring that products are delivered efficiently and on time.

More than 7 million users have grown their businesses with Odoo software.

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